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Here at Danishkydex, we can offer you a strong and solid solution for kydex holsters and thermoplastics. We are a professional and committed company that makes all kinds of holsters and other accessories in kydex and thermoplastics. we do not compromise on quality or the execution of it. Since 2016, we have made many different solutions/holsters for both private individuals, sports shooters, security companies, the armed forces, the national police and SOF units.

We have our personal experience with kydex primarily from the defense industry, through our deployments to the world's hotspots and especially as shooters in various sports shooting, including ipsc shooting. We have partners from both the police, the private security industry, shooters and high risk advisors who help us with feedback on our products and thereby promote development to the optimum.

We know how frustrating it is to have equipment that either does not work as intended or does not work optimally for the purpose. We know this precisely because we have been in similar situations and know how much it means to have the right equipment in a sharp situation.

Here you get the opportunity of a unique solution, for your exact needs.

For larger orders, however, you must expect extra processing time.

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Vi besvare din forespørgsel så hurtigt som muligt.

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